The Story

You see, way back in our earliest days, when founder and pizza retailing giant André Jehan (whose modesty compelled him to name his corporation André Grandé and his email address ‘schmizzagod@—–.com’), first got serious about Schmizza, he dreamt up and trademarked the “one planet, one people, one pizza®” slogan. Because even then, he said, “world domination was the goal”. And now you can participate. Instead of simply standing by as an observer, or happily engaging André and the other Schmizza franchise owners as a Pizza Schmizza consumer, you can invest and own your very own Pizza Schmizza, anywhere! Opportunities are available literally virtually planet-wide. Sadly, there are a few places where you can’t open your own Schmizza, but they are few and far between. And there are no restrictions on developing other planets and moons, if you’re ready to move on from Planet Earth.

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Vision & Mission

We are convinced that both our traditional Pizza Schmizza’s as well as our Schmizza Pub & Grub will prove every bit as popular throughout the world as it has been in the United States. Our goal may not be ‘world domination’, but it is building Schmizza into the world’s leading brand of delicious New York style pizza by the slice served in the kind of place you’d love to go, by servers committed to your having a terrific experience and a great value, each and every time.

Who Are We

It hits you the moment you see it. This is not just another pizza place. There’s a vibe, an ambience, a feeling that you can’t quite put your finger on. A happy place – serious about the food and drink it offers. Serious about the customer enjoying a memorable experience. Serious, happy, and edgy. Irreverent. With a name like Pizza Schmizza, the irreverence is palpable. Try the Alligator Pizza, the Schpaghetti & Meatball Pizza or the Frikin’ Chicken Pasta. Or any of our numerous eclectic schpecials. There are many reasons why kids of all ages demand Schmizza, why so-called adults – those “in-the-know-” know better than to settle for any old pizza. So, now that you know, even if we won’t go into more details ([in] security, you know!!), please scheck us out, Yelp, Google, Foursquare Schmoursquare, do something – schocial or anti-schocial. Just get it over with, and you’ll soon discover why Schmoregonians, for nearly 20 memorable years, have schwarmed to Schmizza when they want great pizza and great times. And now, for the first time ever, Schmizza is ready to grow almost anywhere in its quest to occupy (oops – maybe not the best choice of phrasing) the planet.

What Makes Us Different?

A Taste of the Pie

Get ready for fun and great New York pizza when you enter the door of a “Schmizza”! Each store is different and yet you’ll always know you’re in a Schmizza. You may be greeted by a looming Tyrannosaurus Rex, or sit at a table showcasing a zany array of Pez dispensers.
Grab a group of friends and gather round one of the three TVs for some of the best pizza in town. Pick from 25 Schmizza varieties including the traditional Italian offerings, more exotic options (including Louisiana alligator and steak and potato), or the long list of chicken pizzas.
Schmizza is a family adventure and kids love the excitement. There are plenty of coloring sheets and crayons. Depending on the location, pooches are welcome on the back patio.